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I'm freaking exhausted right now, and Brooklynn's actually sleeping so of course I wouldn't be able to fall asleep. I went up to work today to officially put in my demotion. Yep I won't be a team lead anymore. It just won't work out with my schedule, Mike's schedule and a baby. Daycare is ridiculously expensive and I don't have the luxury of someone watching her for free or anything like I did for my niece. So, I get to lose $3.50 at work to demote. It sucks because I just got my annual raise too. I went from $11.70 to $12.34. I had a pretty good review and everything too. And of course they've managed to royally screw up my maternity leave too. Last paycheck was only $277 because they screwed up the dates and I didn't get paid for a whole week. And I just checked this week's paycheck and they didn't put the money on there from that check like they said they would. Why would they? It's not like I need that money for bills or anything. And to top it all off my back window broke in my car again. The other side this time. We rolled it down and it broke and got stuck and won't roll back up. How lovely and white trash of me to have a taped up window. Last time it happened on the other side and cost me almost $200 to get it fixed. Awesome...being a grown up kinda sucks.

I'm feeling: depressed depressed
I hear: Sweet silence

Aw damn, what is it with windows? Have you seen the HUGE crack on my windshield. I'm hoping I can pull a mom and just let it ride out for a while. But yeah, having the whole window get stuck sucks!

That sucks they messed up again, and didn't fix it proper even the first time. Morons are everywhere it seems!

I hate that everything like that happens at once. When it rains, it pours...