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So I thought I'd do a little shredding of old bills and crap (by hand of course b/c I don't own a shredder) today. Managed to finally start that at 1 or so when I finally got the cranky baby to sleep. I found a bunch of old pay stubs in there too. How depressing that I used to make almost $2-300 more than I do now. I make more $ now, but can't work a full 40 hours like I used to. I do enjoy having three days off and not having to work, but I really need the money. I guess not completely by myself, but Brooklynn isn't much of a conversationalist. Plus I get to spend those three days by myself b/c my family is all working then. I'm so tired of living paycheck to paycheck right now. Literally. I'm pretty much wiped out by the next time I get paid. Had to pay my tags out of this paycheck and I'm pretty sure I'm going to overdraw as well. I'd pay it this Friday, but I need to pay pretty much all of the rest of the bills out of that check. I'm so tired of feeling like a complete failure in my life. I hope I pass my stupid pharmacy exam thing so I can make an extra $1 an hour, but I do not have a good feeling about it at all. At least now, I'm staying late at work to try to earn extra money as well. It sucks and I'm usually pretty exhausted by the end, but the money will hopefully be nice. Alright, tired of feeling sorry for myself, just needed to rant. Tired of all these stupid thoughts keeping me up and making be go crazy all the time.


must be a time for it--I was just ranting to my mom about how sick we are of living paycheck to paycheck! ugh . . . someday

Yeah and now of course the holidays are coming. Not exactly sure how I'm even going to attempt that.