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Here's to you.

Alright I gotta give credit to my sister for this but maybe I'll try a food journal on this since I never post anyway. Sometimes I start a post and then just feel like it's a bitchfest and stop. So here's a new idea. New year, gotta try and cut out the crap. I feel so bogged down sometimes when I eat all the crap. Although today was bad already because I actually got to sleep late since the monkey was at the in-laws. So here goes...

So far today. Last night and all the booze doesn't count!

Breakfast: Cookie crisp. Haha, not my usual Honey Bunches of Oats but it sounded delicious this morning.

Lunch: BLT Chicken salad from Wendy's. I know it's not healthy but it's good and we grabbed something on the way home from picking up Brooklynn. I did have a Diet Coke, and managed to not order a Frosty, although I really wanted one.

So that's it so far, we'll see how I do for dinner.


No, I'm not anonymous, I just forgot to log in apparently!

DH: Friggin Tard

Haha I was wondering what was up b/c I get email updates and it said "someone" replied to your comment. I was like, who's someone?

I thought about starting today but I knew I'd be lazy. I actually didn't eat a whole lot today so I guess in a way I did okay, though I did eat a bit of chocolate.