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Breakfast: what else? Cookie crisp. It's all gone now though!

Lunch: cottage cheese and some hot fudge sundae poptarts ha! Started decent but those were delicious.

Dinner: little bit of pasta, nothing exciting

Exercise: 30 min or so of yoga that Brooklynn helped me do. She likes doing the downward facing dog!

Think I forgot that last night was around 30 min of random cardio stuff.

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MCR: Gee Headphones

Haha, is that the pose she did at the end of that video you sent via cell phone a while back? With her putting her hands up in the air?

Yeah pretty much. Although that time I think she was trying to do a somersault. I always have to flip her over because she just gets stuck!


Haha, Rook's always been fond of downward facing dog!

She thought it was like the funniest thing ever. She had to go behind me and look at me upside-down. Crazy kid!