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Started off so well

The subject says it all. Well I didn't start it that great I guess. I skipped breakfast and just had some coffee because I knew I was meeting my aunt for an early lunch.

Breakfast: none, coffee

Lunch: crispy chicken salad, pumpkin muffin(i know, wtf, but that was their "side" with a salad at Mimi's cafe)

Snack: oh so delicious hot fudge sundae poptarts again. I just wanted some chocolate.

Dinner: Taco Bell, damn Mike needing new basketball shoes for his league tomorrow and needing to get a picture pass thing for the place he plays. We needed something fast on the way home before he went to work. I suck.


Haha. yeah exactly. I think they closed that one though. This was in OP. But same restaurant. She's such a dork.